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Gathering Relevant Information

The first stage is the most important as it involves understanding the client’s requirements. Identify their needs and help them in providing the perfect solution. Have a clear idea about the target audience. What the business goals are and how the website will be utilized to accomplish those objectives.

Planning – Sitemap and Wireframe

With all the information that has been gathered from stage one, the design and implementation strategies are planned according to the type of website and target audience. A site map is created in this phase.

For building a full-fledged website having impeccable features and functionalities, it is important to plan wisely. There has to be a detailed list of all the areas of the website and the sub-topics. This is a guide that describes what content will be there on the site, and there is an easy to understand navigational system.

Think of the best user interface that is created for easy navigation. The wireframes give an outline of the pages of the website.

Take the help of tools for creating the wireframe. All the planning process should have the involvement of the client. So, the client has an idea about the blueprint of the project.

Design & Layout

Next is to determine the look and feel of the website. In the design phase, it is essential to embed elements like the logo of the company and the colors that help to enhance to identify the company on the website. The designer gives life to the graphics, typography, colors, animations, buttons, drop-down and pop-up menus, and more as per the project requirement.

It is the responsibility of the web designer to create one or more than one prototype for the website. This is basically a jpeg image of the final design. Designers give companies access to the workflow so that they can view the progress of the development.

Meeting the demand of the audience with the help of web design is also crucial. If the design is mundane, the website will not be able to capture the user’s attention, and this will increase the bounce rate. The elements should reflect the brand image as well as the business vision.


The development is a stage where the website is built while maintaining the essence of the website’s purpose. All the graphic elements are taken into consideration and are used to generate a functional website.

The process begins with first developing the home page followed by the interior pages. The main focus is given to the navigational structure of the site.

Content Management System, interactive contact us forms, shopping carts are made functional in this development step. The web design & development company suggest changes that are done after consideration.

Testing, Review, and Launch

After the completion of web development, it is tested. The functionality is tested along with the device compatibility.

The web designer should be well-versed with the current trends and standards so that the design and development are done accordingly. The technologies used are HTML, CSS, PHP etc. The tester validates the codes written for the website.

When the designer is given the final approval, the website is ready for delivery. The quality assurance team tests for functionality, compatibility, and performance to ensure that the website is ready for the launch. Other testing includes integration testing, stress testing, scalability, load testing, resolution testing, and cross-browser compatibility. Once the green flag is shown, it is deployed to the server using FTP.

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Parveen Singhal - Vanfly
Parveen Singhal
Co-Founder - Wittyfeed
Co-Founder/Producer - STAGE

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Mayank Batra - Vanfly
Mayank Batra
Founder - Get Digital With Mayank

" It's been an awesome Journey with Vanfly so far. Throughout the association, Mr. Ashish has taken special care of my baby project and was there to support me even in the middle of the night whenever needed. I highly recommend Vanfly for web/app development and any hosting-related services and wish the entire team the very best ahead. "

Aashi Bhawsar - Vanfly
Aashi Bhawsar
Founder - The FigureOut

" Thank you very much for providing awesome service & support. I never got disappointment regarding any query, issues, needed assist, etc. Keep balance your service & support with your clients. Good Luck! with everything in the future. "

Satyam Shastri - Vanfly
Satyam Shastri
Co-Founder - No One Cares

" Using Vanfly for a long time, their support is extremely good and quick. They are the best in web and app development. They are very professional in their work ethics and their round-the-clock customer assistance is remarkable. I look forward to working with them in the future. "

Steven Vidal - Vanfly
Steven Vidal
Founder - Teko Paper Group

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Edwin Forba - Vanfly
Edwin Forba
Founder - Diat Group

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